Professor Hedman's Published Journal Articles

Cantor's Concept of Infinity: Implications of Infinity for Contingence

Mathematics, Cosmology, and the Contingent Universe

An Earlier Date for Cramer's Rule

Colin Maclaurin's "Journal of the 'Forty-five'"

Clique Graphs of Time Graphs

Another Extremal Problem for Turan Graphs

The Maximal Number of Cliques in Dense Graphs

A Polynomial Algorithm for Constructing the Clique Graph of a Line Graph


A Sufficient Condition for n-short-connectedness

No Middle Ground

Tara's Thistle - Crossroads Ceilidh

Colin Maclaurin's Quaint Word Problems

Abington Congregational Church: A Celebration of 250 Years of Continuous Service

In (blank) We Trust

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